Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beanie in 3 sizes

This fitted cap is sized for children (small and medium) and adults (large)  and can be made in a single color or embellished with one or two stripes.  All instructions are shown below.  This cap knits up quickly and makes a nice gift for a student away at college, or a thoughtful donation for needy children or cancer patients.
1 skein worsted weight yarn. Cap shown was made with Cascade Yarns Cash Vero worsted yarn (55% Merino Extra Fine Wool/33% Microfiber/12% Cashmere, 50g/98yds) in plum.
Optional, small amount of worsted weight yarn for a couple of stripes-Contrasting Colors 1 & 2 (CC1, CC2)

Circular needle, 4.5 mm (U.S. 7), 16"/40cm long
4 dpn's, 4.5 mm (U.S. 7)
Marker or loop of yarn
20 sts and 28 rows = 4 in on US 7 needle

Cast on 72 sts for large (66 sts for medium, 60 sts for small) onto a circular needle. Being careful not to twist stitches, place marker, join knitting and work K2, P1 ribbing for 10 rounds.
Round 11:
Size Large: K8, incr 1; repeat for rest of round (Total stitches on circular needle should now be 81). 
Medium:  K11, incr 1; repeat for rest of round (total sts 72).
Small:  K10 incr 1;  repeat for rest of round (total sts 66). 
Rounds 12:  Knit all around
Round 13: 
Large:  K all around
Medium:  K12, incr 1, repeat around, (total sts should be 78)
Small: K 11 incr 1, repeat around (total sts should be 72) 
For solid color cap:
With no further increase in sts, K 26 rounds for small, 28 rounds for medium, 30 rounds for large
For striped cap:
Knit 10 rounds of main color (MC).
Knit 2 rounds CC1
Knit 2 rounds MC
Knit 2 rounds CC2
Knit 2 rounds MC
Knit 2 rounds CC1
Knit 10 rounds MC
Round 1:
        Medium and Large:  *k7, k2tog, rep from * 
        Small:  K all around
Round 2:
        Medium and Large: *k6, k2 tog, rep from *
        Small:  K2, then repeat pattern K6, K2tog
Round 3: *k5, k2 tog, rep from *
NOTE: At this point, the reduced number of stitches may make working on the circular needle difficult. Transfer stitches to the dpn's and carry on as though you were still working with the circular needle.
Round 4: *k4, k2 tog, rep from *
Round 5: *k3, k2 tog, rep from *
Round 6:  K2, K2tog, repeat around
Round 6: K2tog all the way around
Knit one row even
Cut yarn with 18 inches remaining and thread through darning needle. Run needle and yarn through all remaining stitches and pull tight. Knot yarn near sts and pass needle through the top so that it's inside of beanie. Weave in all ends.

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