Sunday, February 2, 2014


This soft and squishy knit football means no longer having to tell the boys and men in your life that they cannot play ball in the house!  This will also makes a nice toy for that special dog especially if you can find a squeaker to tuck inside.

One skein worsted weight yarn in medium brown
 One set double pointed needles (DPN) size US 5 (3.75 mm)
White or ivory scrap yarn for football laces
Tapestry needle
Polyester fiberfill for stuffing

Instructions  for  a football approximately 7 inches by 4 inches
Using 3 DPNs, cast on 6 sts and divide so there are 2 sts on each needle

Join ends to make a circle making sure the sts are not twisted.
K one round
KFB around (12 sts)
K 2 rounds
K1, KFB; repeat pattern around (18 sts)
K 2 rounds
K2, KFB; repeat pattern around (24 sts)
K 2 rounds
Continue this pattern 6 more times until there are 60 sts total:
 K (prior number +1), KFB around 
K 2 rounds
You’ve now reached the widest portion of the football.  Add a scrap of yarn to mark your starting point and then continue knitting around for 15 rounds or until this mid-section measures about 2 inches.
It’s now time to decrease the rounds in a similar though opposite way as the stitching was
increased, but first stuff the portion of the football you have completed with the fiberfill.  Stuff it fully and firmly but without distorting the shape of the ball or pulling the stitches apart. 
K8, K2tog;  Continue pattern around (54 sts)
K 2 rounds
K7, K2tog;  Continue pattern around (48 sts)
K2 rounds
Continue this pattern 6 more times until 12 sts remain, adding more stuffing after every 4-6 rounds:
 K (prior number - 1), KFB around 
K 2 rounds
Finish stuffing to desired fullness, checking the shape to be sure it is football-like.
 K2tog all around (6 sts)
Cut yarn, leaving 4 inches.  Thread tapestry needle and pass through all sts.  Pull tight and tie off.  Pass through center

Football laces
Mark placement of your stitches with safety pins.  Thread your needle and stitch the long, lengthwise lace first.  Stitch the short crosswise laces over the long lace as shown, passing yarn on the inside between stitches.  Tie a knot, cut yarn and tuck end between sts into ball.   

DPN – double-pointed needles
K – Knit
K2tog – Knit two stitches together to reduce stitch count by one
KFB – knit into the front and back of the same stitch to increase stitch count by one
Sts – stitches

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