Friday, June 20, 2014

Baby Booties

These little ballet-slipper style booties can be made to match the baby cap posted earlier (Oh, Baby Baby cap, March 28, 2013).  The booties shown here are sized for a 3-6 month old baby.  Size can be adjusted for a smaller or larger baby foot.
Soft acrylic or washable sock-weight yarn blend of merino, acrylic and baby alpaca. 
U.S. 5 or 6 (3.75-4.0 mm) knitting needles
Tapestry needle
Cast on 45 sts
Knit all sts for 12 rows
K 19, k2tog, K3, k2tog, K19
K 18, k2tog, K3, k2tog, K18
K17, k2tog, K3, k2tog, K17
K16, k2tog, K3, k2tog, K16
K15, k2tog, K3, k2tog, K15
You have now finished the base of the bootie and are ready to bind off the front portion:
K8, bind off 19, K8
Next you will make the bootie strap by casting on new stitches in the middle:
K8, cast on 8 sts (as done at start of project), K8
K all sts for 4 rounds
Bind off all sts very loosely so the strap will be stretchable over baby’s foot and ankle.  Cut yarn with 18 inches remaining.
To finish, fold the bootie in half (right sides together) and use the tapestry needle and remaining yarn end to join the back and bottom edges of the bootie with a single seam.  Cut yarn and weave in loose ends.  Turn right side out.  You can embellish with a small yarn bow if you’d like. 

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